Bolivar Tiempo Exclusivo Francia cigar review

Established in 1902 and today part of the famous Partagas Factory, Bolivar have been one of the most recognised names for premium cigars. Pitched in at offering full flavour cigars, these are definitely one for the seasoned smoker for their complexity and subtle flavours. a couple of years ago we tried a Bolivar Belisiicoso, and although it was a lovely smoke, our palette was not honed to the complexity of this brand

We were lucky enough to receive an late 2017 box just after Christmas and wanted to to give them a go... even though they are probably a little young for a premium Cuban. But what we wanted to do was to try them at 6-12 monthly intervals, to put to test the ageing process and see if the quality improved at all....

So lighting one up was quite exciting. The look and feel of the cigar was nothing but perfection and having smoke many Bolivar since, we hoped that this would be as good as the rest.

The initial light and draw was very easy, being tapered at the end, it took very little lighting to be honest. The first couple of draws however, were, we thought, a little harsh and strong. However, once the foot had caught and got going, the harshness was gone and flavours started to come through.

Initially it gave off strong woody notes with a slight hint of chocolate. This continued through the first third of the cigar. Throughout the smoke the burn was good and even, showing the quality of the construction. Very little changed until just under have way down when the woody notes were replace by nutty flavours, and if I had to picked one it would be walnut. Although subtle, it provided a pleasing change and added to the enjoyment for myself.

However, as we said in the beginning, this is a young cuban, and not at its best just yet. Although an enjoyable smoke, it needs time. Compared to a Bolivar with a couple of years on them, they lack the smoothness of one with a few years on them. One of the great disadvantages of premium cubans, you need to let them sleep for a good couple of years.

The last third became to harsh and still a hint of ammonia was present so it was time to put it down rather than spoil the experience. It had been a good smoke, but there is a time when you need to say enough, rather than battle through and spoil the whole thing.

These will now sit in the humi and we will re visit this in 6 months and a year one to see how they are maturing.

Is it worth getting a box? Yes, if you can. because in a couple of years, these will be amazing.


Appearance and construction 15/15

Flavour 21/25

Smoking Characteristics 22/25

Overall Experience 31/35


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