Honduran Don Tomas Churchill review cigar review

Having smoked a few of these now there is one thing we can say for sure, they are consistent.

As one of the best-known brands to hail from Honduras, Don Tomás Clásico embodies the time-honored Honduran tradition of cigar making. Surprisingly value priced, these outstanding cigars were named to Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list (2006) and were hailed as a “Best Buy” in Cigar Insider. Flawlessly constructed of well-aged tobaccos, Don Tomás Clásico cigars are the ideal indulgence for the smoker who seeks rich taste at an accessible price.

This is not a premium cigar, as you can tell by the wrapper. It can be a little rough and not as smooth as some, It has a firm feel generally, but can be a little soft for some in places, as you might expect to find with a cheaper cigar.

It lights easily and becomes very mild and creamy straight away. The draw is good throughout, and needs very little correction through the smoke. after the first third, you get rich earthy taste with hints of wood. There is no harshness to this cigar, probably due to its blend of mixed tobacco. The ash is good, but soft. You will only get about an inch of ash before you have to remove. The lower end of the second third you can get a hint of bitterness, but if you are pairing with a drink or chocolate, then this is hardly detected. The flavours are constant throughout, and the middle to last third you pick up the roasted coffee flavours.

What you have to remember that this is a budget stick, but a fraction of the price. Value for money, you will find it hard to beat. yes, there are better budget sticks out there, but it is one to consider if you are on a budget and want an easy yet pleasing smoke. It is available readily in this country and at a good price. Having won many awards in the past, you can see why, when you can pick up 5 of these for the price of a Siglo V it is always one to keep in the humidor.


Appearance and construction 11/15

Flavour 20/25

Smoking Characteristics 22/25

Overall Experience 31/35


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