Cigar Lounges.... Cigaragua of Amsterdamn

Cigaragua Cigars is a must if you are ever in the Beautiful City of Amsterdam. Set just opposite the Van Gough Museum, its shopfront is in prime estate and on a main tram way of the City.

You are welcomed by one of the staff in a friendly and warm manner, with no pressure on sales at all. The shop is on 2 levels, with the largest humidor in Europe on the top floor, and a comfortable and sociable lounge underneath. They stock only cigars from Nicaragua, but don't be fooled in to thinking they don't stock good cigars. If you are accustomed to Cubans only, the staff will direct you to a cigar of your taste and transform you opinion that New World Cigars are inferior.

Their range is really immense, stocking 100's of vitola from the region, covering the main factory's like Joya, Rocky Patel, My Father and Padron to name a few.

The lounge has a very relaxed and sociable feel to it, where you can get coffee and refreshments and enjoy the surrounds of this great store.

Although it has no historical connections, it is fast becoming a focal point for cigar aficionados from all around Europe. All the staff are versed in their cigars, and have a connection with the country of origin. In fact next year, Nout is introducing Cigar trips to Nicaragua for those that want to deepen their knowledge in how they are made and where they come from.

Nothing is too much trouble for the staff and always willing to help you, and even sit with you while you have your cigar and coffee, passing on their knowledge and experiences.

Cigaragua is not just a shop, it really is an experience for the Cigar smoker. And as it isn't set in the heart of Amsterdam, it allows you to explore more of this City on your route there.

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