Casa De Garcia cigar review

Altadis is responsible for crafting some of the most well-known and respected cigars on the market today, including Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, and H. Upmann. But, in addition to these legendary brands, they also craft the highly-affordable Casa de Garcia brand. Made on the same rolling tables by the same top-notch rollers, just a hell of a lot cheaper!

Legendary cigar production

Among the 48 cigars with more than 1,000 formats, the Casa de Garcia, which is appreciated worldwide by Aficionados, is also located. Whoever gets a cigar of the product line receives a typical Dominican cigar with a mild taste, which finds an optimal compromise between quality and price. The Tabacalera de Garcia in La Romana took time and accumulated a great deal of experience, until it had the reputation of being able to process cigars as high as the Casa de Garcia. At the beginning, the rejection rate was up to 40%. Today only less than 5% are sorted out. The experience of the cigar factory grew as much as it did. Today more than 27,800 m² of cigars are produced. The Casa de Garcia is among them more like a stepkind: Although it offers an excellent smoking experience for the price, it is outfitted by names like H. Upmann and Romeo y Julieta. The Tabacalera de Garcia was acquired by Gulf + Western in 1968 and ensured that the tobacco business moved from the Canaries to the Dominican Republic. In 1999, the factory was sold to Altadis, which is now responsible for Casa de Garcia. Altadis - premium cigars and price-conscious quality

Casa de Garcia - Careful processing and natural softness

The Casa de Garcia receives its mild taste by an insert of Dominican and Honduran tobacco, which is fermented particularly carefully. The cover is a Connecticut Broadleaf, the cover sheet is a Connecticut Shade. Casa de Garcia is currently available in six formats:

You would probably by pass this cigar when you see the price, thinking how can a cigar costing so little (in comparison to its better known brand names) be any good? We thought the same, until we tried one.

The milder Connecticut range offers a mild, pleasing and uncomplicated smoke. You don't have to think about what you are getting, as the cigars allows you to enjoy the experience. For me its one of those cigars where you can pick up a good book and relax.

Well constructed and good even burn, all the characteristics of a premium hand made Dominican are there.

The Maduro offers a different experience. This is one packed with flavour and and textures the Connecticut doesn't have. every now and then, a hint of menthol will bob up, coffee and deep chocolate always being present. The Maduro is much heavier, densely packed which can lead to a tighter draw sometimes. The beautiful oily wrapper only adds to the flavour.

What this brand offers that most in this price bracket don't is aged leaves. Before they have even got to the Roller, these leaves have been specially aged before rolling, enhancing your experience and like most not Cubans, can be smoked as soon as you get them.

You have to be wary of what you are smoking when judging this cigar. The purist will say it is inferior, and how can it compare to a Cohiba or a Flor de Cano say, but if you focus on the pure pleasure you can get from this brand, its one you should always keep a few of!


Appearance and construction 13/15

Flavour 23/25

Smoking Characteristics 22/25

Overall Experience 33/35


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