Cigar Review - Bossner Baron Reserva

Konstantin Bossner is one of only three Russians who have made a name for themselves in the world of cigars. It belongs to a rare species. Correspondingly, his cigars are designed to be a perfect alternative to Griffin's and even Davidoff. Depending on the series, either Nicaraguan tobaccos or Dominican tobaccos are used in combination with a Connecticut cover sheet. Bossner has over 18 different formats to choose from, which is the right choice for every taste.

In the chic red cedar wood box, the Bossner Baron already has a mild-aromatic, woody-spicy scent, which harmonizes perfectly with the noble look. Embraced by two bands, the cigar proves to be a real eye-catcher and will give your friends astonishing glances towards their wallet.

Upon taking the Cigar from the wrapper, you are immediately hit with the beautiful smell of coffee, wood and foliage. I decided to light it with a cedar splint, to maximise the first draws' potential. It lit well and immediately you are hit with a range of flavours.

The first third I have to say was quite sweet, with a coffee undertone. The draw was very smooth and easy all the way down, allowing you to enjoy the flavours without fighting for them.

The second third was where it settled down and strong flavours came through. Coffee, wood and earth were prominent, with a hint of chocolate in the background.

The last third turned more peppery and spicy all the way through, but no harshness or bite, even at the very end.

On a whole, this was a remarkable find and quite frankly, a damn fine cigar. Full of flavours, easy smoke, definitely on to savour and enjoy


Appearance and construction 14/15

Flavour 23/25

Smoking Characteristics 22/25

Overall Experience 33/35


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